The daysailer that loves to race!

Tanzer 16 Class Association

The daysailer that loves to race!

Tanzer 16 Class Association

Welcome to the Tanzer 16 Class Association website!!!

Thanks for your interest in this "family-oriented sailboat that loves to race!"  We are continuing to re-populate the pages of our site so check back often for new entries.

The boat was designed by Johann Tanzer who recognized the need for a “family-friendly” daysailer that was built with a solid design that was both stable and fast. The boat is 16 feet long with a centerboard. The rig consists of a non-tapered mast with external halyards and no spreaders. The boats often sport a spinnaker that can be launched from a chute, simplifying set up and takedown.

A Tanzer 16 can be rigged and on the water in less than 30 minutes. Since this is a One-Design Class, the specifications and measurements are tightly controlled. The goal is to promote both family sailing and competitive racing, eliminating the need for costly equipment.

Members of the local Tanzer fleets administer the Tanzer 16 Class Association. This small but active, and tight-knit group is always looking to expand membership. The Tanzer is no longer in production, but that should not deter the prospective Tanzer skipper. The used boat market is very active in this area;  a well-equipped--even race-ready--boat with sails and trailer can be found for around $1000 to $2400.

The Tanzer 16 Class Association promotes an annual racing series at  multiple venues in NC in association with the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA). NOR's for each event in the SAYRA Cup Regatta Series are published as they are available.

Please be aware of the impact of the COVID19 restrictions on your group gatherings.  The Executive Committee will continue to discuss safety and act by postponing and/or cancelling planned events as indicated.

For more information, please contact Joleen Rasmussen, President of the Tanzer 16 Class Association, at

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The Tanzer 16 Handbook

(last published in 1987)


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