2023 Tanzer 16 SAYRA Cup NOR

Racing shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing. Each individual event will be governed by the host event’s Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI).

All members in good standing of the Tanzer 16 Class Association at the time of the event are eligible to compete and be counted as a “beaten boat”.

Qualification and Scoring: A skipper’s participation in two (2) of the below Championship events is required to qualify for the Tanzer 16 SAYRA One-Design Championship (Championship). Three bonus points will be assigned to each skipper who attends a Championship event and is recorded by the Race Committee as a starter in at least one race. Only three (3) bonus points may be earned by any skipper per Championship event. In addition, one point will be awarded for each SAYRA-eligible boat a skipper finishes ahead of (“beaten boat”) in the final standings of each Championship event. Each skipper will be scored based on their results in the best of three (3) Championship events. The qualifying skipper with the most points wins the Championship.

Championship Events

  • May 13/14: State and LTYC
  • June 10-11: MADS and BSC Solstice
  • August 26/27: Nationals and BSC ODC

The 2023 SAYRA One-Design Championship trophy will be presented at the 2024
Tanzer 16 Winter Social.

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